IRCy v1.6

 What's new:

  • Improved compatibility with a 320x320 screens
  • Added the 'autojoin on connect' feature

IRCy is the IRC chat client for Pocket PC. This application was designed specially for devices which have no keyboard.

Main features:

  • Ident server
  • DCC Chat/Send support
  • Real VGA support (on VGA devices)
  • Font adjustment feature
  • mIRC compatible colors and font styles
  • Square screens compatibility
  • Favorites sentences
  • Self-teachable whispers which showing up durning you enter a text
  • Optional english whispers database (about 100000 words)
  • Customizable messages colors
  • Customizable background colors
  • Blended background bitmaps
  • Sounds assigned for actions
  • Notifiy list
  • Ignores list
  • Highlights list
  • Editable IRC servers database
  • Baloon popup windows
  • IRC sessions logging
  • Advanced context menus system
  • Copying of a selected text

Download 100000 words english dictionary

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