Backy v1.1

 What's new:

  • Memo field
  • Checking the free space available for an archive
  • Backup/restore statistics
  • Up to 4 times faster
  • >2GB file size compatibility
  • Fully selective items restoring

Exchange your contacts, appointments, tasks & emails between different PPC's, perform a full backup copy of your device, plan a scheduled backup copies, create your own backup copy profiles with this ultimate application for Pocket PC!

Main features:

  • Full backup copy of your device
  • Backup of selected settings and files
  • Restoring of selected settings and files
  • Scheduled backup
  • Password protection
  • Archive compression
  • Sharing PIM informations (contacts / appointments / tasks) between different PPC devices
  • Sharing emails/SMS messages between different PPC devices
  • Backup copy of a Storage Cards
  • Restoring Storage Card data into a different location
  • Fully customizable profiles engine
  • Self-extracting archives
  • 'Verbose' and 'Silent' backup/restore logging.

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