Sniffi v2.4

  • Fixed the scanning bug on WM6.5 devices
  • Fixed "wiping activation key" bug when pressing the "Reset to defaults" option

Sniffi is an advanced WiFi networks manager. It may be used for WiFi networks searching, as a connection manager or as network parameters monitor. Here is a list of main features:

  • Hotspot filters
  • Favorites hotspots
  • Hotspots sync
  • Short messages
  • Two types of Channel-Signal graphs
  • Signal Coverage Map presentation
  • Hotspots Map presentation
  • Baloon windows with a hotspot details
  • Day/Night color profile
  • Fullscreen switch
  • Context help
  • Vertical/Horizontal screen compatibility
  • PDA IP info
  • Ping utility
  • Traceroute utility
  • Connecting to network ability
  • Network settings database
  • TCP/IP statistics
  • Two types of transfer charts
  • Logging the Signal Coverage Map to a WPT/KML file
  • Logging Hotspots data to a CSV/WPT/KML file
And many more...

(You can still download the old-style Sniffi v1.45 version)

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Features details


Day/Night color profile - Adjust color profile to the daylight conditions

GPS Signal Map presentation - Select up to three networks and gather a 2D signal/geographical position data

  • North direction indicator
  • Scale indicator
  • Scale adjust
  • Dots size adjust
  • Color-keyed network signal data
  • Bright-keyed signal strength data


Two types of Channel-Signal graphs

  • Classical bar frequency analyzer
  • A new color-keyed line graph

Details screen

  • Network status information
  • A lot of additional options related to the selected network


Hotspot filters

  • Active hotspots
  • Favorites hotspots
  • Unencrypted hotspots
  • Access points
  • Adhoc networks
  • Saved networks
  • Filter by SSID name
  • Hotspots with a valid GPS coordinates

Messenger utility

  • Short messages
  • Hotspots sync


PDA IP info

  • Informations about local IP
  • Informations about network parameters

Network Statistics

  • UDP stats
  • TCP stats
  • IP stats
  • ICMP stats
  • Interface stats
  • WiFi stats


Ping utility

  • List of last used hosts
  • Classical text output data
  • Copy output buffer to clipboard option

Traceroute utility

  • List of last used hosts
  • Classical text output data
  • Copy output buffer to clipboard option


Connecting to network ability

  • Save settings to a Sniffi networks database option
  • TCP/IP registry update option
  • WEP/WPA encryption

Two types of transfer charts

  • Standard line charts
  • State of the art Speedo charts
  • Receiving data rate
  • Sending data rate
  • Signal strength (RSSI) chart
  • Current connection speed chart


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